Yesterday our class took a trip to Vedauwoo to take pictures and hike. Though I didn’t climb all too much, I still had a very fun time and took some pretty neat photos. Enjoy!

This is a panoramic shot of one of the peaks. It’s a very pretty overlook of the area and it shows the diversity of the landscape.  I used the creative device of viewpoint to capture this because I had to climb and position myself just right.
I absolutely love this photo. The tree twists ominously into the stormy sky creating depth and contrast between the harsh bark of the tree and the fluffy texture of the clouds.
This picture is very simple, but I still love how it turned out. The rule of thirds that this photo follows gives it a highly satisfying and orderly feel.
I thought that this scene was very neat because of the folding/layered effect the rock has. I think that it exhibits symmetry/rule of thirds and interesting texture.
This picture is simply two boulders and the various foliage in between, but the use of framing and depth makes it appear as so much more.
This closeup of a twig and the rocks (and some other twigs and rocks) has a very light and happy vibe to it because of the fun colors and use of focus/depth.
This picture of the moss (I don’t really know what it is, but it’s orange) on the rock shows a really interesting texture and cool colors.
I love the severity of fallen tree’s shadow on the sky, showing a lot of contrast. This photo also shows the rule of thirds because the trees both run along a third line.
I very much like this photo because the colors and overall feel is very different to the rest of the photos. The daintiness of the flowers and the soft purple of the petals shows the use of color and establishment of size (I couldn’t get the camera to focus like I wanted because the wind was blowing them everywhere, but you get the idea).
This is one of my favorite photos from Vedauwoo. I love the intensity of the colors and the contrast in shapes. I think this picture shows a lot of depth and contrast in textures, similar to how Vewdauwoo shows depth and contrast in its whole landscape.

Of the five days spent at HSI, exploring Vedauwoo has probably been my favorite experience. The weather was absolutely perfect (overcast with a strong strong breeze) and it felt so serene. My favorite moment was when I found a large rock that overlooked all of the other large rocks (there are a lot of large rocks) and I just sat there, looking around and listening. It was honestly so beautiful. I would absolutely love to visit Vedauwoo again!

Photography Day 1: Perspective

Today we took our first “field trip” outside the building. We had discussed different concepts of photography and I tried to utilize them in these photos.

This photo was taken right outside the geology building. I think it exhibits the rule of thirds and it uses color to draw your eyes to the focal point.

This photo is just some rocks and pine cones, but I used depth and contrast from the fence above to make it appear more intriguing.

I really liked the contrast of color in this photo. There is both symmetry in where the bucket is place and asymmetry in its contents,.

I found this photo of the bike rack just very neat and interesting. I used leading lines to guide your gaze to the center, also creating depth by setting the focus in the background

This photo is really cool, it looks like the reflection on a lake, but its just a small puddle. This picture is the perfect example of balance of elements in a photo. It is very satisfying and symmetrical.

This is just a photo of the same puddle from above but from a different angle. The picture above is an example of view point, meaning that different angles/perspectives result in different products.

Today I learned about the core concepts of photography. We analyzed cool photos and broke down why they were appealing, using our knew knowledge. I also learned that lighting manipulates what kind of photo you’re going to get, and that it’s very difficult to take good pictures with bad lighting. Through out the day, I took some pictures that were just very very sub-par, but I now know that if I’m stuck in one spot, I just need to shift my perspective.

HSI: The Start of Something New

Hello, my name is Hannah Linford, and I will be a junior at Evanston High School this fall. But right now, I am a long way from home. I am at the UW The High School Institute in Laramie, taking my first class of the hectic three weeks to come. It’s still somewhat surreal, I am going to spend the next 19 days of my summer with people I’ve never met doing things I’ve never done. I heard of HSI from my friend (essentially big sis) Maggie. She attended the institute in 2016 and came back a changed person. She said that it was the best experience of her life. So me being me (not satisfied with proficiency and jumping at any opportunity to prove myself), I applied as soon as I could.

Now I’m not sure if I was in denial or maybe just oblivious to my uncomfortable and awkward nature, but I am not going to lie; it has been a lot harder letting go and opening up than I thought. I like to think of myself as an outgoing, very social person, and in a way I definitely am. But it takes me quite a while to feel comfortable in my surroundings (unless I’ve got a friend, like Maya and Kai, my best buds and fellow scholars). I think the hardest part of these two days (literally only two days) has been relaxing and not worrying about my friends back home. I left in kind of an inopportune time. A lot of stuff is going down with my friends and I’m so anxious about not being there to help and fix things. But I’m doing my best to just relax and have fun here.

While I’m here at HSI I really hope to learn how to talk to new people and feel okay with trying new things. I find it very easy to make people laugh, but that’s only because I utilize my cringe and awkwardness to provide comic relief (but that’s really just a defense mechanism). I’d very much like to become a more comfortable and socially apt person in new environments, capable of having genuine conversations with new friends. I also hope to discover more about myself and why I am the way I am (that’s the feat of the century, if you ask me). I expect to explore the possibility of attending UW and understanding more what college is like.

Though I am nervous, somewhat overwhelmed, and still feeling much discomfort at the thought of new experiences, I am very excited to expose myself and blossom into a new person, hopefully one that can maintain a conversation for longer than ten seconds before making a dad joke.